The Blogging Mystery

I have been blogging now for a number of years, at certain times much more faithfully than others. Actually there was a period of over a year where I don't think I posted at all. Still, I've noticed that during these years I have blogged, over 11,000 page views have been recorded from locations all over the world. And it makes me wonder.

You see, it's kind of cool to have this voice and to be able to express some of what I'm learning and thinking from time to time. The mystery to me is, "Who are all you people and why do you read it?" Because in spite of thousands of page views, and with this my ninetieth post, there have only been about twenty comments posted total, most of them on a select number of blogs that were more popular than others, and of course I understand that.

Anyhow, this is what I'm wondering about today. This is not a desperate plea for you to comment on my blog so I can feel somehow validated. I write when I write because I enjoy it. The fact that anybody reads it is an added bonus. I'm really just curious, that's all.

If you choose to remain anonymous and continue reading, God bless you and I hope you get something out of it at some point. But if you have something to say, positive or negative, lets have a conversation. Tell me what posts, if any, are helpful to you. Tell me what is superfluous. Tell me the kinds of things you enjoy reading about and the kinds of things you skip. Tell me what you agree with and what you don't. Let's have a dialogue.

And if nobody really comments on blogs anymore, tell me that too—or tell me nothing. It's really up to you.

Just a random thought.



Tom Rowsell said…
...just wondering how many page views are actually human vs. how many are bots".
Perhaps Blogger filters these and does not count them as a "visit", but I'm not sure...
D J Futers said… may be on to something there. Perhaps rumours of my fame were greatly exaggerated :)
endy smith said…
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