Front Row Seat

Every once in a while, I get the incredible opportunity to have a front row seat to see God at work in an absolutely incredible and unbelievable way.  Like today for instance.

But before I tell you that, let me fill in blanks a little first.

I met with a young new Canadian from our church a number of months ago who was facing the possibility of having to go back to his own country as his student visa was expiring. He shared with me his intense desire to stay in Canada and to continue to be involved in our church, but the only way that could happen was if he could get a full time job AND his employer would agree to be a guarantor or sponsor essentially for him. We prayed together and I sent him on his way, not sure how we could even begin to help him.

Later that day going through my email, I came across the name of another guy who I had done some marriage counseling for and just felt the nudge of the Spirit to give him a call. Maybe he could help this new Canadian who needed a job. I phoned him and he immediately said 'yes, tell him to give me a call.'

Long story short, the next time I ran into my young friend, the two of them had met, he had interviewed for a job in his field and had been hired full time!  All within a matter of days!  God was truly in it and my friend was able to stay in the country.

Then today, this same young man had made an appointment to see me for lunch.  We had planned to go to A&W as he only had 30 minutes to meet and so I went to his workplace to pick him up. When he got in the car, he told me that his boss had given him the rest of the day off, and, being a total foodie, I considered this an opportunity to go somewhere else, where we could sit down and enjoy a nice meal.

We made our way to a local restaurant I enjoy and my friend had never been to, and proceeded to have our lunch. While we visited, he told me that his resident status was in jeopardy again because of a change to immigration rules, and that unless he got a permanent job with a formal full time agreement in an established company, he was going to be facing deportation again.  It seems that the miracle job God gave him a number of months ago, was working for an agency who then in turn hired out their employees to companies looking for specific individual skill sets, and in spite of the fact that his position was permanent and he was even up for a promotion, this type of 'outsourced' employment doesn't count any longer.  To make matters worse, he just recently got engaged and was hoping to bring his fiancee here from from his country of origin soon to join him.  And now all of this.

I was overwhelmed. Once again, I didn't know what to say or how to help him. We prayed quickly together about it and also asked the blessing on our meal.  Then as we were sharing together over lunch, a man walked up to our table and said 'Hi' to my friend. He stood up and the two them chatted a little. Eventually I was introduced and found out that this gentleman was a former college professor of my friends and had recognized him and was wondering how he was doing.  My friend started to explain about his problem, but I could tell his former professor wasn't quite fully understanding so I kind of re-explained a little until it was obvious that the gentleman understood.

He immediately said, 'how much do you have to make?' My friend told him and he responded, 'leave it with me. I think I might have something for you.' And then he went back to his table.  We sat down and just kind of looked at each other in dis-belief. Just like that, he could have another job? Was that even possible?

Before this college professor left the restaurant, he stopped by the table one last time and said to my friend, 'I'm almost certain that this is going to work out well and be a done-deal'. My friend thanked him and he went on his way.

Now remember. We were supposed to go to A&W for lunch first of all. Also, what you don't know is that my friend had tried to get an appointment with me a couple weeks ago and now, just this week, I had gotten the opportunity to respond.  Can you say 'divine appointment'!

It remains to be seen whether or not all of this works out, but it certainly looks positive.  I'm reminded once again today that, no matter what seems to be happening in my world that is negative, disheartening, and discouraging, my God has a bigger plan and is at work in ways that, most of the time, we never get to see until after the fact.

But today - I had a front row seat!


Anushya said…
It's just wonderful to know how God's always working in our lives, according to His plan. Thanks for sharing this Pastor Jeff.
Margaret said…
Love it! And love your method of telling the story! For me, one important aspect of your story is the reaching out & sharing....cause & affect. How many people just quietly pray & then wait.
Another one is your title "Front Row Seat". Because of your love of sports I was expecting a different type of story. I was delighted.....and reminded....expect the unexpected.

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