Making Memories

Our family has been spending this week at a cottage in the Kawartha’s near Peterborough ON.  It’s been great just relaxing …playing games and not doing a whole lot.  Been fishing a lot with my daughter Alana this week too.  Great spending some alone time with her.

Today, my entire family… parents, siblings, spouses, and their kids will descend on the cottage we are renting to spend Canada Day together – something we have been doing faithfully for the last 14 years with the exception of last year (that was my fault…scheduling conflict with our father/son trip to California after Austin graduated high school).  Austin is coming up today too!  Looking forward to getting in a little fishing time with him as well!

I wanted to make sure we were able to continue the tradition this year because I am not sure how many more opportunities we will have left when everyone can be here.  Our kids are getting older of course, and have many other things going on in their lives.  But my biggest concern is my Mom, who has Alzheimer’s.  Lately she has been having more bad days than usual and it seems that every time we see her now, she is a little worse.

But she loves to be with the family.  Thankfully she still recognizes all of us most of the time.  Things can get a little confusing for her with everyone around but for the most part, being with all of us seems to really make her happy.  Oh, she has her limits.  There will come a moment today when she will be ready to go.   I just hope that before that moment comes she will have a good time with everybody.  These memories will be important to all of us in the days ahead.

Happy Canada Day everybody!


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