Money Vaccine

This post consists of a direct quote from Rich Stearns book "The Hole In Our Gospel".  I had never looked at the tithe in this way before.  Intriguing...

"I have often thought of the tithe in a different way, as a kind of 'innoculation' against the power that money can sometimes hold over us.  When we are vaccinated against a deadly virus, our bodies are injected with a small amount of that virus, weakend so that it won't hurt us.  By putting this small amount into our systems, we develop an immunity to the virus, and it can no longer harm us.  Metaphorically speaking, paying a tithe on our income has the same effect.  By cheerfully giving away a small portion of our money, we become immune to the corrupting power it can have in our lives.  When we tithe, not out of obligation, but out of love and obedience for God, we are making the bold statement that money has no power over us.  Even when we give it away freely, we know that we can depend on God to replenish it and sustain us."

Good stuff!


Dave Carrol said…
Wow... love that.

Thanks Jeff

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