There's nothing worse than sore losers!

In October, Canadians voted to give Stephen Harper and the Conservatives an even stronger minority government than they had been governing with before. Granted, not a majority. Conversely, the Liberals had their worst showing since Confederation.

In an attempt to cut costs, the Conservatives released a budget that reflected a number of cost cutting measures. Guess which one raised the ire of the other political parties? Public funding for political parties. Come on you guys - the conservatives were trying to lead the way to fiscal responsibility in a major economic downturn and your response is, "hey - they're taking away our money, no fair".

So the brainwave of the opposition is - "lets take down the government because the voters must be just as upset about our political parties losing public funding as we are."

Well guess what? We could care less about you losing public funding for your parties. And you know what else? Nobody likes a sore loser.

Without the Bloc, the other two parties wouldn't even have enough seats to form a coalition. And as much as I respect the rights of Quebec voters to elect separatist MP's to represent them in Canadian parliament, I do not feel that separatist's should be allowed to be part of a coalition to bring down the government. By voting separatist, they have already declared they have no interest in federal politics, except to be a 'dissenting vote'.

I just think this is all so incredibly ridiculous. But when it comes right down to it, winning a minority government isn't winning at all I guess. In spite of the fact that the Conservatives got 38% of the total votes cast, 11% more than the Liberals, their closest contender, it is still possible that all of the losers can get together and take down the government for any petty reason. Ludicrous!

I mean if the ruling minority government is doing something immoral, illegal, or detrimental to the security of the country, then by all means, take them down. But to do it 'just because'. Come on!

And by the way, I would say exactly the same thing if it were the NDP or the Liberals who had won the minority and the rest were ganging up on them.

Just take your lumps for goodness sakes and be the best opposition that Canadian voters asked you to be.

So - Merry 'flippin' Christmas Canada! And enjoy your turkey dinner with a nice side of bad politics...(good grief)


Dave Carrol said…
testify jeff.

It's churning my stomach. I spend a lot of time trying to justify my interest in, and value of politics... but this does help whatsoever.

It's the very worst of politics.

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