Variations On a Theme of Election Debate

Disclaimer:  The following characterizations are in no way a judgement of any of the individuals mentioned and in no way should any of this influence your voting or not voting or how you vote or don't vote or for whom you get the idea.

Well...what can I say about last nights debate except, wow.  Thank God for picture in picture.  This wonderful Canadian election tradition re-enacted last evening can be reduced basically to this.

Gilles 'I hate everybody' Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecois was at least a realist.  Good on you Gilles for saying 'I am not going to be Prime Minister and neither are the three of you, (referring to Layton, Dion, and May) you're just afraid to say it out loud!"

Then there was Jack 'hey everybody look at me' Layton, who proceeded to take every opportunity he was given to speak as a TV spot for an NDP commercial, chattering often about the kitchen table for some reason (maybe he knows Sarah Palin).

Stephane 'my head is too small for my body' Dion just babbled on in English with his thick French accent about how badly the Conservatives are doing and about the benefits of his carbon tax and George Bush and how Harper can't be trusted.  Well we don't trust you Stephane because we're not even sure that's your real head - so there.

Of course, Elizabeth 'no car no cellphone' May - well she wasn't even invited until last week so its kind of hard to take her seriously.

Poor Stephen 'bloodshot eyes' Harper looked like he hadn't slept in a month.  He fidgeted a lot but I think I would too if I was being attacked by four others incessantly calling me everything from a coward to a liar.  But hey - that' s the price of leadership.  People always take shots at the leader because he's an easy target.  When you have to lead and do what you think is best, someone will always think they can do it better.  It's just the way it is.  But Harper sounds like he genuinely cares about Canadians and he kept a cool head.  I give him strong marks just for not popping Jack Layton in the nose and pushing little Stephane off his stool.

But that's just me.


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